How we design El Patron Jacket.

How we design El Patron Jacket.

15th Feb 2014

We started from a very elegant model of a worker’s denim jacket from the end of the 19th century. The only triple pleated denim jacket we have seen anywhere. Often the classical cut of jackets is straight, as are the sleeves. We came up with a cut providing roomy shoulders and slimmer sleeves.

The medium to short length preserves the short style of the original. As we thought the cuffs were not in proportion to the end of the sleeve, we produced a modified cuff taken from a vintage jacket in our wardrobe.
On the back there are two pleats adapted to the “V” cut, producing a classical cinch back. We think it is roomy enough to be worn with a light down vest for cold days. We take old elements and mixed them artistically. Not as easy as it seems.
Of course, we use a classical denim base: Mikutex Co. Japan 15.5 oz. Natural indigo. Hank dyed, 65%cotton 35%hemp. Solid green selvedge that we try to show everywhere we can.

We have never seen any other jacket exuding such strong and wild feelings. We have retained the square shaped pockets but changing the size and putting them at different levels for more practicality and adding elegant details such a pocket bandana. We embroidered two vintage details that we found in old archives. We are grateful to Mike Allen Harris for the book “Jeans of the Old West:A History”, for us it is the “Bible of Denim”.

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